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Our Range Of Tree Services

We offer our customers a complete range tree care services. Below is a list of some of these services that we offer.


Domestic and Commercial Tree Pruning

Tree pruning is about more than just cutting off branches and making trees smaller. Let us guide you through your options for the management of your domestic trees.

Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is a very common tree-surgery practice used to increase light and decrease the "sail effect". 


Deadwooding is the removal of dead limbs and branches from a tree. Deadwooding is normally carried out for safety reasons as dead/dying branches can fall off on their own.

Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is another common practice in tree surgery. Usually specified in metres, this technique is used to increase the space between the ground and the lowest branches of the tree.


This is a process that keeps trees at a smaller height than they would grow if left alone. Typically a juvenile tree is allowed to grow to a designated height, for example two or three metres, and then the first pollard is carried out.


Domestic and Commercial Tree Felling

Sometimes a tree has to be removed. This is usually down to disease, or their placement & size in relation to the surrounding environment. We have the experience get these trees down and work around the targets below. Be it a property, greenhouse, shed or perhaps a well established flower bed- we will agree a solution with you to minimise impact.

Tree Felling

Sometimes trees have to be felled. Either due to disease, land development, encroachment on surrounding property or to allow replanting of different trees or plants.

Stump Grinding

Stump grinding is a process used to breakdown and remove tree stumps. 


Woodland Estate Management

We are experienced in a wide range of activities in woodland management. 

Selective woodland thinning
Removal of Dangerous Trees
Removal of diseased trees
Pathway Clearances

Domestic and Commercial Emergency Tree Works

Fallen Trees

Blocked Roads

We understand how stressful it can be if one of your trees falls over unexpectedly. Unfortunately, when mother nature sends a tree crashing down, she doesn't take much notice of what is down below! The first step is always to try and make the situation safe. This may involving removing a part of the tree, or completing the felling process if the tree is hanging in limbo. Once this has been achieved we can then decide, with yourself, how you want to proceed.

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