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CNJ Tree Services

Central Scotland's Trusted Arborists

CNJ Tree Services is a leading arboricultural company covering Central Scotland and West of Scotland. With bases in both Glasgow and in Balfron we are conveniently placed for access to Glasgow, Stirling and Lanarkshire.  We are experts in tree care, tree pruning and tree removal.

With an ecological focus, and using the very latest tree surgery equipment, we ensure your tree maintenance requirements are cared for and maintained with minimal disruption to you and your surroundings.


We pride ourselves on our industry leading knowledge and experience, with our team of qualified tree surgeons we are always on hand to offer education, advice and guidance.

Professional Tree Services 

From tree felling, to emergency tree works, CNJ Tree Services are your local experts in tree maintenance. 

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Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is a very common tree-surgery practice. Usually specified in metres, although sometimes as a percentage.


It is typically carried out to increase light through and around the tree, reduce the encroachment of tree branches over certain areas (such as roads/car parks) and buildings, or to reduce the “sail effect”.



This is a process that keeps trees at a smaller height than they would grow if left alone. Typically a juvenile tree is allowed to grow to a designated height, for example two or three metres, and then the first pollard is carried out.

It is important to understand the difference between pollarding and topping. Pollarding must be started early on in a trees life and then maintained. It is not possible to pollard a mature tree if it has never been pollarded before.


Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is another common practice in tree surgery. Usually specified in metres, this technique is used to increase the space between the ground and the lowest branches of the tree.


The most common reasons for lifting a crown are to increase light levels at the base of a tree, to remove branches that are too low over footpaths and roads or for the prevention of lower branches interfering with structures such as fences, garden gates.


Tree Felling

Sometimes trees have to be felled. Either due to disease, land development, encroachment on surrounding property or to allow replanting of different trees or plants.


Felling aids range from simple wedges, that are hammered in at the back of the tree to encourage it to fall a certain way, to mechanical winches anchored on to other items in the desired felling direction (usually other trees).


Dead Wood Removal

Deadwooding is the removal of dead limbs and branches from a tree.


Deadwooding is normally carried out for safety reasons as dead/dying branches can fall off on their own.


Unfortunately mother nature isn’t very selective about where dead branches will land. So it is usually best to have them removed proactively.

stump grinding 28rx.jpg

Stump Grinding

Stump grinders are machines that grind down tree stumps and turn them into pulp.Stump grinders are usually a more favourable option that diggers as we can grind out stumps with less mess and ground disruption than that caused by a digger. 

We have several stump grinding machines, in varying sizes, to cover all eventualities. 


Thank you so much for saving our greenhouse! We thought it was done for sure!

Sandra Buckingham

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