About CNJ Tree Services

Our tree services are provided by our experienced, committed and ecologically conscious team.


Our Background

CNJ Tree Services is a locally owned and operated tree care company. We are an ecologically conscious company with a sympathetic approach to tree care and felling. We encourage pruning trees rather than felling them where possible. Where tree felling is the necessary solution we have the equipment and experience to do this safely and efficiently. 

The company founder is a third generation arborist. The team come from a range of backgrounds including commercial forestry,  land management and biomass, domestic tree climbing services and commercial contract tree care. 

We continually invest in training and equipment in order to deliver the best results in a safe manner. No matter what your project might be, from a domestic garden with a big hedge to a woodland estate or a site clearance, our team can offer a solution.  Call us today and see what we can do for you.