• Callum Jackson

Dead Chestnuts

Last week was very varied as I was subbying out with my kit for 4 days, on top of my own jobs.

I started out with a shift with Roddy Clarke Tree Services which involved dismantling a split stem chestnut tree leaning over a house roof. I took along the tracked cherry picker (MEWP) and carefully dismantled all the of the canopy and got it all clear of the house roof. Once the weight was out the canopy we were able to take the MEWP away and the rest of the guys felled the stem out. It was all super delicate to get all the branches down to the ground without touching the roof and I was quite glad when we completed the job incident free.

The next day I was contracted in to dismantle a front garden Ash tree hanging over a roadside footpath. I've had a run of pruning work recently so it was quite nice to get the spikes on and do a straight forward dismantle.

The following day we were conifer bashing- The staple of any Scottish Tree Surgeons workload! We were reducing a lleylandi hedgrow and a lleylandi garden tree in the rain. Living the dream!

And lastly I was down in Thornhill with Roddy Clarke Tree Services doing another dead chestnut tree dismantling job with the tracked cherry picker. This time we had 3 side of the tree surrounded by targets (a shed, a road, & a kerosene tank). I really enjoyed this one, as it had a little bit of heavy rigging, sectional dismantling and then a really nice stem to fell at the end.

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